Dr Aye Tint

Consultant Endocrinologist

Baker Heart & Diabetes Institute

Dr Aye Nyein Tint is a specialist diabetes physician at Baker Heart and Diabetes Institute Specialist Clinics in Footscray. She has a special interest in taking care of people with diabetes and its complications including diabetic foot ulcers and prevention of lower limb amputation. Aye also has an appointment as consultant endocrinologist at Austin Hospital, Melbourne and has excellent training at Austin Health’s Weight Control clinic where obesity is approached as a disease, not a lifestyle choice. She is very approachable and committed to providing expert and quality care to her patients.

Dr Tint is a member of Endocrine Society of Australia, Royal Australasian College of Physicians and the Endocrine Society, United States of America

Call 03 8532 1800 to book an appointment.